Casino Bonus – What you need to know

What are the different types of bonuses?

The Match Bonus

This bonus is structured usually as 100% match bonus up to $£€100. This means if you make a deposit between $£€20 and $£€100, the casino will match the amount e.g if you make a deposit of  $£€100 the casino will give you a bonus of $£€100 meaning you will be able to play with $£€200.

A good example of a bonus that works similar to this bonus is 21Nova’s 320% bonus. With this bonus, if you deposit $£€50 you will get to play $£€210.

The 1 hour free play “Happy Hour” bonus

This bonus gives you a certain amount of money to play for an hour. For instance, you get at Prestige Casino a player will get $£€1500 to play for an hour. If you make a profit of  $£€250 or more on the initial  $£€1500 then you can withdraw up to  $£€250, i.e. even if you make  $£€1950, you will only be able to withdraw  $£€250.

The no deposit bonus

The no deposit bonus gives a player free money to play so that they can try out the casino games on offer.

The catch with the no deposit bonus is that it has limits on the amount of money you can withdraw as well as wagering requirements/playthrough conditions on the bonus money. Wagering requirements/playthrough conditions vary from casino to casino from 20 times to over 200 times.

A working example of how wagering on a bonus works.

Joyland Casino offers a free money $£€25 no deposit bonus. This bonus comes with a wagering requirement of 200 times.

wager/playthrough/bet = free money x 200

so if the free money is $£€25 therefore

wager/playthrough/bet = (free money) x 200

= ($£€25) x 200

= $£€5000

Meaning you have to wager/bet/playthrough $5000 before you can withdraw any winnings. After you have met the wagering requirements you can withdraw up to a limit of $£€200.

*Always ensure to read the terms and conditions before you start playing at a casino

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