Alice’s Wonderland Slot Review

Alice’s Wonderland is a 5 reel 20 pay-line slot machine game based on the award winning story of Alice’s adventures in the mystical Wonderland. The game  takes you on a journey through Wonderland with you standing a chance to win a progressive jackpot at the Mad Hatters Tea Party, win cash and free spins when Alice falls down the rabbit hole and stand a chance to win all 3 bonuses in a single spin!

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Step 1: How to play

Alice’s wonderland lets you place a bet/stake between 1p and  £10 by clicking on the ‘Stake up’ and ‘Stake down’ buttons. You can then choose between 1 and 20 lines by clicking on the ‘Select lines’ button. Your selected stake amount will then be multiplied by the number of lines you have selected. The maximum bet amount on a single game is  £200.

Step 2: How to win

After you press “Play” and the combination on the reels form lines of 3,4 or 5 matching symbols, then you have won and your winnings will be transferred to your account.

Step 3: Tea Party bonus, Progressive Jackpot, Rabbit Hole Bonus, Wild Symbols and Free Spins

Tea Party bonus

The Mad Hatters tea party is triggered by hitting 3,4 or 5 Mad Hatter scatter symbols on any of the reels. This takes you to the bonus round. There are 4 characters at the tea party (Alice, March Hare, Dormouse and Mad Hatter). You need to pick one of the characters to have a cup of tea. The longer they take drinking their tea the more money you will make. As soon as a character has finished their tea they will put their hand over their cup and cannot be selected again. After the first character has finished drinking their tea you will be asked to pick a character again. This selecting characters continues until all 4 characters have had enough tea and placed their hands over their cup.

Progressive Jackpot

A progressive jackpot win happens if one of the 4 characters has sugar added to their tea before drinking it. You will see the tea spoon move from the sugar pot to the character’s cup and stir the tea. The bonus round will then continue as normal and the progressive jackpot winnings will be shown at the end of the bonus round.

Rabbit Hole Bonus

When Alice falls down the Rabbit Hole she collects various prizes that are added to your balance. The Rabbit Hole appears only on the middle reel. No player action is needed for this bonus.

Free Spins

If 3 white rabbit symbols appear anywhere on the reels you will get the white rabbit bonus which awards free spins. The rabbit pulling out his pocket watch earns you more free spins. The total number of Freespins awarded is then shown and the rabbit will  jump across the reels. Each position the rabbit lands on will turn to a wild symbol and remain there until the end of the Freespins.


Wild symbols are used to substitute other symbols to create a line win. Wild symbols can also be a win on their own when 2 or more of them are next to each other on an active winning line. If more than one win can be awarded on the same line (for example 3 wilds in a row or those wilds counting as a different symbol to make 4 symbols in a row) then only the highest paying win will be counted.

Where to play Alice’s Wonderland

You can play Alice’s Wonderland at William Hill Vegas and get a £25 bonus. Click here to read more about William Hill Vegas and its bonus features.

William Hill Vegas

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